About Menma

How Menma is Made


Harvest of menma material

 In Taiwan or Guangdong, China, the bamboo shoot (Machiku) harvest start from July. The best period for the harvest comes from late August to September. The bamboo shoot (Machiku) in this period can reach to 1-2 meter tall.




  The bamboo shoot (Machiku) will be cut into proper size after peeled and cleaned. Then the bamboo shoot (Machiku) need to be boiled for 2-3 hours.

Boil of menma material



  The boiled bamboo shoot (Machiku) will be sealed into the Vinyl bags or jars carefully. After 2-4 weeks, the bamboo shoot (Machiku) will turn to light brown.

Fermentation of menma material


(4)Sun drying


  After fermentation process, the bamboo shoot (Machiku) need 3-7 days to be dried under the sun. Before the further sun drying, the bamboo shoot (Machiku) will be cut again. The well sun dried bamboo shoot (Machiku) will then be send to the sorting and packing companies.

Sun drying of menma material


(5)Foreign substance sorting, Cut, Packing, and Export to Japan.

  The dried bamboo shoot (Machiku) from the farmers will be processed into dried Menma in our Chinese factory after foreign substance, color selection, cutting into different sizes and sizes selection. The dried Menma will then be packed before export to Japan.

selection of menma


(6) Foreign substance, Processing, Packing in factory of Japan.

Foreign substance, Processing, Packing in factory of Japan.

  The dried Menma from our Chinese factory will be soaked and sorted again in our Japanese factory. After that, the Menma will be processed by different methods, such as preserved with salt, preserved with little salt, boiled in water, preserved with taste while fulfill other customized demands.




  After the final quality testing by our quality assurance department, our product (Menma) beyond the ingredient of Ramen, become the famous supporting actor on the dining-table all over Japan.

Products of menma