Our company

About business

(1) Manufacture

  Our main factory is located in Yamagata, Japan. We entered China through joint-venture. Our main products are menma, edible wild plants, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. We mainly supply those products to the domestic institutional market.

(2) Import and Export/Sales function

  We distribute products manufactured by our factories and food ingredients from Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand to our customers within Japan. We supply to 1000+ customers. Through our customers’ channels, our products are sold to ramen shops, izakayas, restaurants, hotels and bento vendors all over Japan. Depending our customers’ needs, we supply products from other companies as well.

(3) Research and Development

  There is an R&D department at our factory in Yamagata. We are doing our best to create new products at our R&D department every day. Our R&D department receives many requests and ideas from customers that we would like to implement. The R&D department also works towards finding new locations to grow our existing products such as menma and etc. Our R&D team aims to develop new ingredient and products. Our company has a strict standard when it comes to controlling the condition of ingredients now and in the future. In order to continuously meet our goals, we work towards to challenging ourselves everyday in R&D.