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The Machiku on the Ramen The godfater of Menma dead.

  Contribution date: May 16,2007 |コミミ口コミ

  Shusui Matsumura, the president of Marumatsu bussan Co,Ltd. (headquarter at Setagaya, Tokyo), kown as the godfater of Menma, dead on May 12 due to the heart failure. He was 87. He was born in Taiwan. His famous saying was “food is beyond the territory”.

  Shortly after the World War II, when Mr. Matsumura visited the Chinese street in Yokohama, he found that the bamboo shoot was put on the Ramen. In Taiwan, the bamboo shoot was usually oil fried. He was surprised by this way to cooking bamboo shoot.

  The dried and boiled bamboo shoot (Machiku), at that time, was called Shinachiku, which origin from “Shina”, the denigration of China. There are several explanations of the reason why Shinachiku change its name to Menma.

  One of the reason is that Menma means the bamboo shoot (Machiku) on the Ramen. Based on this suppose, Menma is not the word come from neither Chinese nor English. It’s the totally new word created by Mr. Matsumura in Japanese.

  The company tried to register the trademark for Menma but failed, due to the similar name was already used by a hair dressing product. After that, the word “Menma” become the independent name used in general. “As the result, it’s good to not register the trademark for Menma”, said by Mr. Matsumura, gladly.

  Although the diplomatic relations between Japan and China restored at 1972, even now, there are still some gaps existing between two countries such as the history problems. Also, there are some problems of the relationship between China and Taiwan.

  “Menma, rather than the diplomatic relations, goes to different countries. Food is beyond the territory.” Said by Mr. Matsumura to the people around.


  The wake will be 18:00, May 17. The funeral will start at 10:30, May 18, in Ueno Park, Kaneiji, Rinnouten. The chief mourner will be the eldest son, Mr.Kinei.


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The Machiku on the Ramen The godfater of Menma